I have just set up a Guest Windows 2008 R2 Standard Edition 64bit (VirtualBox on Windows 7 64 bit host) for some testing.

I have found that while "inside" the remote desktop environment (i.e. I remote onto the guest ip from the host) that copy and paste does not work. When I say "does not work" let me be explicit.

  • Assume I am logged onto the Win2008 machine via RDC
  • Nothing is in the copy/paste buffer. I can mouse click some text and then rclick copy. I can then right click and click "paste" but nothing happens. I can see the "choice" is enabled to paste bu nothing happens. The caret stays put.
  • CTRL+C / CTRL-V / CTRL-X does not work in RDC land
  • I am not talking about going in-between copy/paste RDC land/host land.

HERE is the double whammy: when I do the above it then "infects" my host pc so that copy paste is unavailable there too. if PRT SCR doesn't work any more.

I have tried:

  • restarting the guest os and host os
  • in group policy editor I have disabled "do not allow clip board redirection" ( I can't give you the full path to this copy/paste just broke again)
  • I have made sure that in RDC "options" for local resources include clipboard.
  • NB: if I don't touch RDC at all and log into the guest OS via the console copy paste works perfectly

Kill the rdpclip.exe process using the Task Manager. Then, create a new process named rdpclip.exe. This will solve your problem.


Follow these steps in Remote Machine.

Stop the rdpclip process

  1. Open Task Manager.
  2. Go to process tab and find rdpclip
  3. Choose rdpclip and End that task.

Start rdpclip.exe

  1. Go to start menu and open Run command
  2. Open rdpclip.exe and click Ok button.

enter image description here

Copy paste should work now.


it appears this is a flaw with VirtualBox

these posts covers it

https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=44498 (read the last post)



(In VirtualBox) SETTINGS->GENERAL->[Advanced]->Shared Clipboard {disabled}


There are multiple things to check.

Restarting rdpclip.exe is a worthy try if the copy/paste fails sporadically, meaning we might on a process in a previous session.

On the client side, we check the RDP Options. Click on the Show Options button in the bottom, pick the third tab Local Resources. Make sure Clipboard is checked.


On the remote server side, we want to check Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration (Win Server 2008+).

enter image description here

Double click the connection to open its Properties window.

enter image description here

In the tab named Client Settings, Make sure Clipboard is not disabled.

enter image description here

We need to log off from the remote desktop.

enter image description here



Use an online shared text box like this one:


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