Hi I need a method to insert a large number of records into a MySQL database table.

I'm using Linq to Entities and the method of using a foreach loop and inserting each record is too slow.


foreach(var item in items){

Is there a method like the MySql command: LOAD DATA INFILE available in the .net connector?


Entity framework (and Linq-to-entities) has no support for bulk inserts. Bulk inserts must always be done through native features of database server. To use LOAD DATA INFILE from .NET Connector check MySqlBulkLoader class.

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  • Ok thanks for the help. Shame MySql haven't got a better option. – Lovely Bananas Apr 13 '12 at 10:53

This post looks promising. I'm giving it a try in my own application. Plus, it doesn't interfere with your designer since it is a partial class.


In addition, here's a class on MSDN that does the same thing:


I've reimplemented the function in this SO post:

bulk insert with linq-to-sql

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