When I type in my domain name like without the www (like http://example.com), it doesn't work and gives error message. However, when I add the www to it (like http://www.example.com), it works.

Isn't it supposed to work both ways (with and without the www)?

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    Wrong forum. But you need to configure your DNS so that both wwww.domain.com and domain.com has an A-record with the ip to your web server. Then you must also configure your web server to listen to both addresses. A hit for future questions: It would have been useful to know what the error message was. – some Apr 13 '12 at 5:11
  • @some, Thanks. the error message is almost same at all browsers like this: Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to mydomain.com. And I have my domain from Godaddy and web hosting at Bluehost.... – Digital site Apr 13 '12 at 5:17
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    @Digitalsite - do you handle subdomains in code (e.g. programatic url rewriting) or is this a DNS/server configuration issue? If the former, please post more details and example code. If the later, please migrate this post to serverfault.com – lukiffer Apr 13 '12 at 5:37
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    (Sorry for my bad spelling earlier, I was too tired) Check with nslookup that both domains resolve to the same ip. – some Apr 13 '12 at 17:48
  • Thanks all. It works 100% now. I had to flush the DNS in my machine as well as pointing Godaddy @ to the the right IP. – Digital site Apr 18 '12 at 14:55

All you need is to add the following code to your root .htaccess file:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\.
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R=301,L]
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    It would be nice if you explained to people what this actually does. Here's a blog using the same code dense13.com/blog/2008/02/27/… – trainoasis Jul 16 '14 at 7:29
  • Thanks@trainoasis for the link. It should be self explanatory. it adds www to the domain and any subdomain or subfolders and so on... – Digital site Jul 16 '14 at 15:06
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    You need to understand regular expressions to decipher the code. The second line means: if the HTTP_HOST does not (!) start with (^) "www.", then put it in memory for the next line. The next line says: from what was captured in the previous line, match everything (.*) from beginning (^) to end ($) and save everything (inside the parenthesis) as $1. Then replace $1 with "www." plus the HTTP_HOST variable. – Damian Green Mar 12 '15 at 18:01
  • where to add these code tho? does it have to do with backend language? – Martian2049 Aug 10 '15 at 1:05
  • you can add them to your .htaccess file in your main web server tree. – Digital site Aug 12 '15 at 23:34

With the current version of apache, you need to do the following, which has changed compared to the previous versions:

cd /etc/apache2/sites-enabled

Now find the config file for your domain and edit it (the first three lines after <VirtualHost *:80> is what we need here):

<VirtualHost *:80>
        ServerName www.yourdomain.com
        ServerAlias yourdomain.com *.yourdomain.com
        ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost

        <Directory />
                Options FollowSymLinks
                AllowOverride None


And now after saving changes to the file, you should reload Apache we server configuration with:

service apache2 reload

and it'll work!

P.S. You may also want not to add *.yourdomain.com to the end of your ServerAlias line.

  • ServerAlias www.yourdomain.com yourdomain.com works. Thanks. – node_saini Apr 13 '17 at 8:14
  • @node_saini please upvote the answer if it helped you. :-) – Neeku Apr 14 '17 at 9:44
  • Done :) But is this the right way to do it? It would not cause any problem right? – node_saini Apr 17 '17 at 7:44
  • @node_saini yep! You upvote the questions and answers that you find helpful. So should do anyone else. :-) – Neeku Apr 17 '17 at 20:18
  • It helped me no doubt but there is a right way and a wrong way to solve a problem and wrong way doesn't mean it won't work, it will work but it's not the right way. This was my only concern :) – node_saini Apr 18 '17 at 8:23

to solve this issue

-> suppose you want mysubdomain.domain1.com

-> goto your dns records settings in your web panel ( cpanel , vestapanel etc ) of domain1.com

-> add there new A record with ip of your domain1.com and fill record/hostname field with @ // @ mean no www if you want www too then add another new A record and replace @ with www

-> save it

-> wait for dns changes to take place maybe take few hours


Alternatively, you could follow below steps which solves this problem, for sure, if you're using GoDaddy and google apps :

  1. Go to Google Apps and sign in to domain management.

  2. Then click on domain settings.

  3. Then click on domain Names.

  4. Then Click on words highlighted to set a redirect via google apps and you should see it done within 3 hours or MAX 2 DAYS (though it usually does not take more than a day in the rarest case).Just follow the simple english instructions there and you should see it done.

More details and reference :



You need to change any full urls to paths. If your php include or other processes are linked using urls, it will only work one way.


as oppose to the full url


Using a simple path will allow it to work both ways with or without www.

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