i am using shareKit for Facebook/twitter sharing, when facebookSharing button clicked, it gives me the login page, but after first login it only displays a white screen and do nothing. i have done some editing on SHKConfig.h and entered facebookKey and facebookSecret.

#define SHKFacebookUseSessionProxy  NO 
#define SHKFacebookKey          @""
#define SHKFacebookSecret       @""
#define SHKFacebookSessionProxyURL  @"?"

while loading, it displays only white screen...

second problem: actually what should i given to the SHKFacebookSessionProxyURL field, is this makes my first problem?


no one gives me the correct answer, i found two other solutions for adding share functionality, just try this




this may helps you

thank you,

  • addThis not working with ios 5.0- and socialize not working on ios 4.0-. – theShay Aug 17 '12 at 13:25

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