I want to take backup of my website which is hosted on godaddy.

I used pscp command from my windows dos and try to download whole public_html folder. my command is :

pscp -r user@host:public_html/ d:\sites\;

Files are downloading properly and folders also. But the issue is public_html and other subfolders has two folder like "./" and "../". Due to these two folders my copy is getting failed and I am getting "security violation: remote host attempted to write to " a '.' or '..' path!"error.

Hope any one can help for this. Note : I have only ssh access and have to download it from ssh commands itself.

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    I have found the way for this issue. In my case pscp -r -scp user@host:public_html/* D:\sites\ is working fine. – Rajeev Roy Apr 17 '12 at 6:30

Appending a star to the source should fix it, e.g.

pscp -r user@host:public_html/* d:\sites\;
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    Well done. Don't know why that one was sneaking by me. How is this a security flaw/issue to begin with? Can someone answer me that? – Kevin Glynn May 23 '18 at 22:25

Also you can do same thing by not adding '/' at the end of your source path. For eg.

pscp -r user@host:public_html d:\sites

Above command will create public_html directory if not exists at your destination (i.e. d:\sites). Simply we can say using above command we can make a as it is clone of public_html at d:\sites.

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