What I want to do is searching a 2d matrix inside a bigger 2d matrix. For that, I have found a 2d version of Boyer-Moore algorithm. But working with matrices in matlab is always easier, so I was wondering if I can call matlab functions in a C++ compiler.

i think people here know how to do it in matlab.

Is there a library or something that exists for this purpose? which contains at least the functions used by the programs given in the link above.

PS: if anybody can provide the solution for this searching problem, please do it.


Here's what you are looking for in the Matlab documentation


I don't know of any libraries for this, you might have more luck checking the matlab website to see if they sell development libraries.

As for a solution, this problem seems conceptually very similar to that of finding substrings in strings. I found this while searching briefly, I'm sure it could help.

As for a basic solution, one could go something like this:

You want to find an p x q submatrix inside an n x m matrix.

    for each row (up to row n - p):
      search each column (up to column m - q)
        if value in matrix equals first value check the rest of the submatrix
          if submatrix found, exit or store solution and keep looking for more

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