I am trying to extract some data from URLs in a LOG file and I'm almost there but the last part I am stuck on.

Here is the regex I have come up with so far,


Example of URLs I am working with

json?userId=1234&email=blahblah@blah.com HTTP/1.1

And I want to pull out


Across multiple lines of similar URL lines. The regex above gets the right stuff at the start but does not stop after the whitespace. What am I missing to make it not include the ? and end at the white space properly?

Edit: Clarified question a bit.


This works in sed.

echo "json?userId=1234&email=blahblah@blah.com HTTP/1.1" | sed 's/.*?\(.*\)\s.*$/\1/

you might also try. (\?[^\s]+) match as many not space characters after a ?

  • I used (\?[^\s]+), but is there a way to NOT include the ?, testing it here, regexpal.com – user611105 Apr 13 '12 at 20:37

I used to do it that way:

\?([^ ]*) -> \1

I do not know your implementation, but it's "working" on http://regexpal.com/ (this tester does not replace)

Edit: forgot the "?"

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