For my app, I subclassed UIWebView (the method described here http://ryan-brubaker.blogspot.com/2009/01/iphone-sdk-uiwebview.html).

I did this so that I could intercept touch events; when I detect certain types of taps, I perform the corresponding custom action, and then pass the event along to the underlying UIWebView.

So for example I can doubletap the view to make a toolbar appear/disappear, but a single tap on a link works the same as a regular UIWebView.

Under 3.0, Everything works just the same as it did under 2.2.1 (my doubletap + the standard single tap and scroll actions), but hold-to-copy does not.

I thought perhaps there was something new in UIResponder that I had to override, but as far as I can tell it's the same.

Any clues?


You shouldn't have to do anything special, as long as you're passing all the touch events through. It's certainly possible to disable that functionality using -webkit-user-select: none; in your CSS file.

    body {-webkit-user-select:none;}

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