Using IDLE and Python version 2.7.3. Only when I start a new file it highlights for a few lines and then just stops after I press F5. So all my text becomes plain black.

If there are equally good/better command line and editor combinations out there, you may always suggest them.

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    I have the same problem both under Windows 7 AND MacOSX, on different computers! Baffling really... – Code Bunny Mar 2 '13 at 18:44

This happened to me too. Save it as .py (manually type .py in the document name), and the highlighting will come back.

  • I also experienced the same thing with 2.7.9 and this was the correct answer for me. – Simon Jan 22 '15 at 18:26
  • Noted and changed (albeit 3 years later...) – Jan M. Aug 1 '15 at 17:01

I usually have to save the file as .py before IDLE will do any syntax highlighting at all. Not sure why it would highlight for a few and then stop though. I've never had that happen.


Check the key binding for the toggle-auto-coloring option under Options -> Configure IDLE -> Keys -> Custom Key Bindings. The default is Ctrl+/. This should allow you to turn the syntax highlighting back on. (You can't toggle it off though, heh)

Works for me on both IDLE 2.7 and IDLE 3.3.3.

  • @sterling Feel free to edit answers to add useful info. – wjandrea Feb 8 '17 at 23:18

Is this under Windows? Is it possible your file association for Python files have possibly changed? (not quite sure why/how this could happen, but perhaps something worth checking)

  • Well it doesn't have any association at all now. Which application should I use in my C:\Pyhon27\ folder? – Jan M. Apr 15 '12 at 16:44
  • @PatronBernard can you try python.exe - that's what I have with Windows 7 - it's a long shot, but perhaps it will help. It is odd, because most tools will just look at the .py file extension to activate the syntax highlighting. – Levon Apr 16 '12 at 2:09
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    @PatronBernard Here are some links for alternative Python editors: wiki.python.org/moin/PythonEditors and this stackoverflow.com/questions/126753/… Hope this helps – Levon Apr 16 '12 at 2:13
  • I am now using PyDev and Eclipse. Works like a charm! – Jan M. Apr 19 '12 at 15:59

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