I can't find a way how to write subscripts in the title or the subtitle in R. How can I write v 1,2 with 1,2 as subscripts?

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expression is your friend:

plot(1,1, main=expression('title'^2))  #superscript
plot(1,1, main=expression('title'[2])) #subscript
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    How to load "2" from the variable? I have a loop and need to plot x_[1] x_[2] x_[3] ... – 0x2207 Dec 11 '14 at 11:38
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    You can use bquote when working with subscripted variables. Say, nIter <- 2, then plot(1, 1, main = bquote(title[.(nIter)])) is exactly what you need (taken from the R-help mailing list). – fdetsch Jan 7 '15 at 9:55

If you are looking to have multiple subscripts in one text then use the star(*) to separate the sections:

plot(1:10, xlab=expression('hi'[5]*'there'[6]^8*'you'[2]))
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    Wow, a two-day old answer to a two-year old question, that turns out to be what I needed. Thanks! – Michael May 24 '14 at 0:25
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    And if you want the subscript to be a string, just put it in quotes: plot(1:10, xlab=expression('hi'[5]*'there'[6]^8*'you'['down here']*'and'^'up'*'there')) – smacdonald Sep 11 '14 at 7:28
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    That's a good tip as you can put [digits] or [characters] or even [a5] in the subscript but not [5a] or [a a]. I recently discovered this for: expression('x'['10sdt']) – Cyrille Sep 19 '14 at 13:26

See ?expression

plot(1:10,main=expression("This is a subscript "[2]))

enter image description here

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    ?plotmath is actually probably more helpful for this... – Dason Apr 14 '12 at 19:17

A subscript and referring to a stored value...

a <- 10
plot(c(0,1), c(0,1), type = 'n', ann = FALSE, xaxt = 'n', yaxt = 'n')
text(0.2, 0.6, cex = 1.5, bquote(paste('S'['f']*' = ', .(a))))

enter image description here


Another example, expression works for negative superscripts without the need for quotes around the negative number:

title(xlab=expression("Nitrate Loading in kg ha"^-1*"yr"^-1))

and you only need the * to separate sections as mentioned above (when you write a superscript or subscript and need to add more text to the expression after).

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    Thanks for explicitly explaining what the * does! – Lalochezia Apr 7 '18 at 3:33

As other users have pointed out, we use expression(). I'd like to answer the original question which involves a comma in the subscript:

How can I write v 1,2 with 1,2 as subscripts?

plot(1:10, 11:20 , main=expression(v["1,2"]))

Also, I'd like to add the reference for those looking to find the full expression syntax in R plotting: For more information see the ?plotmath help page. Running demo(plotmath) will showcase many expressions and relevant syntax.

Here is some of the sample output from demo(plotmath):

enter image description here

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