In C#, I have variable, a, of type string.

How do I find item by value of a in combobox (I want find item with value no display text of combobox).

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    Please show how the combobox is filled. Apr 15 '12 at 9:12
  • Please add a tag to indicate which UI toolkit you are using. May 17 '15 at 16:09

You can find it by using the following code.

int index = comboBox1.Items.IndexOf(a);

To get the item itself, write:


You should see a method on the combo box control for FindStringExact(), which will search the displaymember and return the index of that item if found. If not found will return -1.

//to select the item if found: 
mycombobox.SelectedIndex = mycombobox.FindStringExact("Combo"); 

//to test if the item exists: 
int i = mycombobox.FindStringExact("Combo"); 
if(i >= 0)
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    I think FindExactString() works on the DisplayMember property of the ComboBox. I think the question is asking about how to match on the ValueMember property of a ComboBox.
    – andyabel
    Dec 18 '17 at 22:00

I know my solution is very simple and funny, but before I train I used it. Important: DropDownStyle of combobox must be "DropDownList"!

First in combobox and then:

bool foundit = false;
String mystr = "item_1";
mycombobox.Text = mystr;
if (mycombobox.SelectedText == mystr) // Or using mycombobox.Text
    foundit = true;
else foundit = false;

It works for me right and resolved my problem... But the way (solution) from @st-mnmn is better and fine.


Hi Guys the best way if searching for a text or value is

int Selected = -1;    
int count = ComboBox1.Items.Count;
    for (int i = 0; (i<= (count - 1)); i++) 
         ComboBox1.SelectedIndex = i;
        if ((string)(ComboBox1.SelectedValue) == "SearchValue") 
            Selected = i;


    ComboBox1.SelectedIndex = Selected;
  • Use "if ((string) (ComboBox1.Items[i]) == "SearchValue")" instead of "ComboBox1.SelectedIndex = i; if ((string)(ComboBox1.SelectedValue) == "SearchValue")"
    – amirfg
    May 12 '20 at 13:18

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