Visual Studio (with or even without plug-ins) has many chord keys. By "chord" I mean a several consecutive presses, like

  • Format Document Ctrl+D, F

  • Extract Method (resharper) Ctrl+R, Ctrl+M

When I press the first combination, the status bar says:

(Ctrk+K) was pressed. Waiting for second key of a chord...

I remember that Eclipse would display a popup listing all possible continuations when I press the first key of a chord.

Is it possible to achieve this in Visual Studio too? A plug-in perhaps? There's quite a lot of chords and I'd love to see a quick list with i.e. refactoring continuations after I press ReSharper's Ctrl+R, etc.


I just found IntelliCommand extension, which seems to do exactly what you asked for. You can find more info in this blogpost:

Also it shows the list of possible combination when you press first combination of chord shortcut keys, like Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C

  • Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. – Kos Nov 5 '12 at 9:15

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