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I have a website where I am storing user's IP address when they visit. I want to server them IP based first page content. I think I can store IP ranges in database and when the users come from those ranges I can serve them specific content.

But the question is just after typing website address the website will load and it will show the default content. Please tell how can I achieve this? So that I can serve country based content to my users.

Suppose if IP address is;

IP Address: 

It should detect that it is Romania and it should present pages which is designed for Romania.

  • Obligatory NB: IP adresses and countries are loosely correlated (massive exceptions exist both ways, even before the client starts using proxies and VPNs). – Piskvor left the building Apr 15 '12 at 16:53
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    I hate websites that make assumptions about me just because of my IP address. – Gordon Apr 15 '12 at 16:55

IP to Country databases are often out of date - a better approach might be to put the flags of the various countries your customers come from at the top of the site and let people self-select. This way if Mom in the UK is talking with her son in Japan, they can both see the same site if they wish.

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Use one of the various geoip databases; i think the one from MaxMind is the most popular one.

Then simply perform the ip=>country lookup when a new user goes to your site and display the content for his country.

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