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In my spare-time personal projects, I've gone to great lengths to avoid writing backend code for them. It's just simpler to keep as much as possible in the front end in my mind. localStorage has made this easier, but there is still often a need for something more permanent, and less tied to an individual browser. For a recent project I've been looking at using Dropbox as a way to store things, similar to how SourceKit does it.

Is there a Javascript API out there that sits over the top of localStorage, Dropbox, other Cloud solutions that makes it easy to just store to whatever the user has availalble? In other words, something that might work like this (imagining an API called "StoreMaster"):

  • user creates something
  • code does something like StoreMaster.store(key,json)
  • StoreMaster asks the user if they want to log into Dropbox
  • if so, StoreMaster stores to Dropbox, otherwise, stores to localStorage

There are lots of complications that it would need to handle, such as a user who starts with localStorage use and later decides to move to Dropbox, so the data would need to be moved. Or clean handling of error conditions. And pluggability of other storage solutions. Plus a myriad of other things I haven't realized yet.

But if something existed like this, I would use it. I am contemplating creating it if it does not exist. I'm pretty sure others would be interested and would help out... Maybe something already exists and my Google skills have failed me today.

Anyway, let me know if you know of something OR if you, like me, wish there was something like this.

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firebase.com may the answer to this brainstorm –  jlarson Apr 20 '12 at 14:22
Yeah firebase looks very interesting. My wish-list would also include the robust local part - maybe a phonegap filesystem setup, to save json locally, and backup/update to firebase when connection is available. Huh. That actually sounds very doable. Great question! –  mattsahr Apr 20 '12 at 18:43

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If it's mostly JSON you could use pouchdb.com this uses local storage but can synchronise automatically with either your own couchdb instance or with a couchdb host (iriscouch.com and cloudant.com spring to mind but there are probably others). Couchdb can also store other filetypes as attachments.

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