I'm using ManagedMEdiaHelpers project as a base to a background audio streaming project.

The audio output is fine but sometimes is takes 1 to 6 seconds to start playing. During that time the device sends some strange noises similar to hiccups or scratching.

The mp3 I'm trying to stream have the following properies:

Bitrate: 320000
Sampling Rate: 44100

What are the possible causes to receive that kind of noises on the start of the stream when the rest of the mp3 plays just fine?

More info

I noticed that during the hiccups the fps count was below 20 so I tried to profile the application.

I got the following message during the hiccups period:

Waring :Very high CPU usage by system threads: System and other applications are using 65,02% of the CPU. This CPU usage may be caused by other tasks that are running on the system or they may be caused by system operations that are triggered by a user application. Ensure that no other tasks are running on the system during profiling.


It was an hardware limitation of HTC Radar.

I Just tried the same code on an Samsung OMNIA 7 and the stream is just perfect. Also there's no penalty on the fps count so I think that on this device there's no CPU hogging.

Strangely gsmarena says that both devices have the same CPU.

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