I've a maven java projects (say X & Y) and i've added Y to dependency list of the project X (pom file) and imported Y to class in X... and jars are installed to m2 repositorhy and maven build is successful with no errors at compilation, but at runtime it is thorwing a NoClassDefFoundError for the class in Y... am new to this maven please help me to resolve the issue..

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ../nw_diagnosis/SocketExceptionHandler

Thanks Srikanth

  • You should post the pom file for X – Attila Apr 16 '12 at 11:29

Is your X project a "jar" project, or a "war" project ?

If you build a jar, your Y project (I assume this one is a jar) is not included in the classpath of your X project, which is the normal behavior.

If so, you either have to run your X project with Y.jar in the classpath, or build your X project as a "jar-with-dependencies", see below :



I suspect this is a problem with an optional dependency in one of the artifacts that your application depends on.

Anyway, the general approach to solving this is:

  • figure out what class is missing based on the exception message,
  • figure out what JAR file contains or should contain the missing class,
  • figure out what the maven group/artifact/version corresponds to the missing JAR, and
  • add the corresponding dependency to your project's POM file.

Are you building on command line, then trying to run in Eclipse? M2e doesn't like that. Clean and rebuild all your projects from within eclipse then try running.

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