I am currently trying to get a SoftHSM going (on a Windows platform). The goal is establish a communication channel between a client and the HSM server so that some data can be encrypted on the server side and be sent back to the calling client.

I download one from this site: https://www.opendnssec.org/download/

Furthermore, I followed the documentation as stated on this page: https://wiki.opendnssec.org/display/SoftHSMDOCS/SoftHSM+Documentation+Home - but besides from creating a couple of slots, I haven't managed to get anything right.

I ran the following command to create the slot(s):

softhsm --init-token --slot 0 --label "My token 1"

I am not sure how to go from here, I cannot find any useful information / tutorials about the topic. I guess that I should start small and try and create a server application that communicates to the SoftHSM ... I apologize for all the n00b questions!!


If the installation was successful in /usr/local/bin/softshm there should be the file libsofthsm.so.

This file contains the implementation of crytoki api - and you can use it like- so/dll that comes with hardware of pkcs#11


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