I want to create, in Sharepoint 2010 using C# and ASP.NET, in a SPGridView binded by a SPList, the same checkbox who has the SPList. These checkbox select the splistitems and display the ribbon.

So, I have written something like that in my aspx:

<Sharepoint:SPGridView id="mySpGridVew" runat="server" AutogenerateColumns="false" OnRowCreated="GridViewRowEventHandler">

I created my custom list manually in sharepoint, so every item has title, edit button, and the hidden checkbox to select them all or every single item. I have bind the SPGridView with the SPList and I have created the others fields with something like:

void MyGridView_RowCreated(Object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e)
   SPList myList = SPContext.Current.web.Lists["MyList"];
   e.row.cells[1] = myList.Items.["title"];

I searched in forums and the Internet and I couldnt found the way to create a cell in my SPGridView with the same checkbox in my SPList to display the ribbon and select the items. How can I do that?

Thank you.

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