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How to check if an array element exists?

apologize if i am wrong,I am new to PHP, Is there any way to find out whether key exists in Json string after decoding using json_decode function in PHP.

$json = {"user_id":"51","password":"abc123fo"};


$json = {"password":"abc123fo"};
$mydata = json_decode($json,true);
user_id = $mydata['user_id'];

If json string doesn't consist of user_id,it throws an exception like Undefined index user_id,so is there any way to check whether key exists in Json string,Please help me,I am using PHP 5.3 and Codeigniter 2.1 MVC Thanks in advance


IF you want to also check if the value is not null you can use isset

if( isset( $mydata['user_id'] ) ){
   // do something

i.e. the difference between array_key_exists and isset is that with

$json = {"user_id": null}

array_key_exists will return true whereas isset will return false


You can try array_key_exists.

It returns a boolean value, so you could search for it something like:

if(array_key_exists('user_id', $mydata)) {
    //key exists, do stuff

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