I want to use OpenCV to implement SIFT. I'm new to it and I am having some difficulty configuring it properly.

I am using OpenCV 2.3.1 and Visual Studio 2010. I followed this to configure them both and it works in that demo. When I try to run this SIFT demo, error LNK2019 occurs. I think the reason is I have an incomplete library dependence. I just added core.lib & highgui.lib in the project. I don't know what is exactly needed for this SIFT demo.


  1. In the SIFT demo I mentioned above, what libraries are needed to handle the error LNK2019?
  2. How do I select opencv library for a particular project? ANY TIPS?
  3. Is there any common library dependence configuration for most using scenarios?

Thank you.


You will definitely need opencv_features2d231.lib

How do you know, which other libraries you need? You can

  1. just add them all
  2. find out in the documentation, which library you probably need

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