I have a REST server which sends JSON in response body. I have recently started reading about Apache Camel. I use following to send requests to my REST service.

from("direct:start").setHeader("token", simple("234da"))

Now the response will be a JSON, is there any way I get this JSON directly into a POJO using some method ahead of to() (something like this)?


I would prefer a non Spring solution.


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Little details from my side - although late

Create jsonFormatter and then unmarshal with class you need
JsonDataFormat jsonDataFormat = new JsonDataFormat(JsonLibrary.Jackson);
this can be used in marshalling

.log("calling bean method...")
//.process(svProcessor) // any extra process if you want
.unmarshal().json(JsonLibrary.Jackson, Greeting.class)
.bean(GreetingHelper.class, "print")
.log("converted to bean ...")

Helper class method
public void print (@Body Greeting greeting) {


Apache Camel provides a component to marshal and unmarshal POJO to and from JSON.

In your case, it would be :

 from("direct:start").setHeader("token", simple("234da"))

By the way, you may need to configure your json library to do it and I suggest you take look at the official configuration.

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