Everything was working fine. No errors. I change debug to 0, and all of the sudden my pages are giving 404 errors, and in my logs I'm noticing that variables I declared in my app controller (that were working perfectly before) are now coming back as not defined.

Weirdness. Why would changing debug to 0 cause this kind of behaviour?

Edit: Apr 18, 2012

I poked around the Pages controller. After the "$path = func_get_args();" when I threw in a die(print_r($path)). With debug 1 or 2 it returns this on my home page:

    [0] => home

It's blank when debug is set to 0.

Here's some of my routing:

Router::connect('/', array('controller' => 'pages', 'action' => 'display', 'home'));
Router::connect('/login', array('controller' => 'users', 'action' => 'login'));
Router::connect('/logout', array('controller' => 'users', 'action' => 'logout'));

Router::connect('/today', array('controller' => 'users', 'action' => 'today'));
Router::connect('/profile', array('controller' => 'users', 'action' => 'profile'));

$staticPages = array(

$staticList = implode('|', $staticPages);

Router::connect('/:static', array(
    'plugin' => false,
    'controller' => 'pages',
    'action' => 'display'), array(
        'static' => $staticList,
        'pass' => array('static')

From the debug log:

2012-04-17 10:28:08 Notice: Notice (8): Undefined variable: loggedIn in [/Users/conrad/Desktop/Creative/DEV/virtutrain/app/View/Elements/Header.ctp, line 3]
include - APP/View/Elements/Header.ctp, line 3
View::_evaluate() - CORE/Cake/View/View.php, line 908
View::_render() - CORE/Cake/View/View.php, line 872
View::element() - CORE/Cake/View/View.php, line 412
include - APP/View/Layouts/default.ctp, line 22
View::_evaluate() - CORE/Cake/View/View.php, line 908
View::_render() - CORE/Cake/View/View.php, line 872
View::renderLayout() - CORE/Cake/View/View.php, line 527
View::render() - CORE/Cake/View/View.php, line 471
Controller::render() - CORE/Cake/Controller/Controller.php, line 959
ExceptionRenderer::_outputMessage() - CORE/Cake/Error/ExceptionRenderer.php, line 263
ExceptionRenderer::error400() - CORE/Cake/Error/ExceptionRenderer.php, line 209
ExceptionRenderer::render() - CORE/Cake/Error/ExceptionRenderer.php, line 165
ErrorHandler::handleException() - CORE/Cake/Error/ErrorHandler.php, line 127
[main] - [internal], line ??

Error log:

2012-04-17 10:28:08 Error: [NotFoundException] Not Found
#0 /Users/conrad/Desktop/Creative/DEV/virtutrain/lib/Cake/View/View.php(908): include()
#1 /Users/conrad/Desktop/Creative/DEV/virtutrain/lib/Cake/View/View.php(872): View->_evaluate('/Users/conrad/D...', Array)
#2 /Users/conrad/Desktop/Creative/DEV/virtutrain/lib/Cake/View/View.php(463): View->_render('/Users/conrad/D...')
#3 /Users/conrad/Desktop/Creative/DEV/virtutrain/lib/Cake/Controller/Controller.php(959): View->render('about', NULL)
#4 /Users/conrad/Desktop/Creative/DEV/virtutrain/app/Controller/PagesController.php(88): Controller->render('about')
#5 [internal function]: PagesController->display('about')
#6 /Users/conrad/Desktop/Creative/DEV/virtutrain/lib/Cake/Controller/Controller.php(485): ReflectionMethod->invokeArgs(Object(PagesController), Array)
#7 /Users/conrad/Desktop/Creative/DEV/virtutrain/lib/Cake/Routing/Dispatcher.php(103): Controller->invokeAction(Object(CakeRequest))
#8 /Users/conrad/Desktop/Creative/DEV/virtutrain/lib/Cake/Routing/Dispatcher.php(85): Dispatcher->_invoke(Object(PagesController), Object(CakeRequest), Object(CakeResponse))
#9 /Users/conrad/Desktop/Creative/DEV/virtutrain/app/webroot/index.php(96): Dispatcher->dispatch(Object(CakeRequest), Object(CakeResponse))
#10 {main}

Again... not getting any errors whatsoever when debug is at 1 or 2...

This installation is being run locally on MAMP, but the errors also occur on the published site which is running on MediaTemple's grid service (with more or less default settings).

  • Never had or seen this problem before. Could you provide more information? Routing configuration, core settings, server configuration, etc. – elitalon Apr 17 '12 at 14:20
  • The error you traced shows that $loggedIn doesn't exist, but that's because it was generating a 404 error (because the controller/action wasn't probably wasn'found) and probably skipped your code that sets the variable. Turn debug off and go to the same url, the exception/error should be more specific. – jeremyharris Apr 17 '12 at 14:48
  • That's the thing; when I turn debug on, there are absolutely no errors thrown or logged whatsoever, and everything works perfectly. – Benjamin Allison Apr 17 '12 at 16:55
  • Could caching have something to do with it? Caching is off when debug > 0. Try manually clearing the app/temp folder contents. – Costa Apr 18 '12 at 6:47
  • Cleared the cache, no change. – Benjamin Allison Apr 18 '12 at 12:38

Wow... this was sitting in my home.ctp Page view, and got copied to all other pages:

if (Configure::read('debug') == 0):
    throw new NotFoundException();

Major wtf, but regardless... problem solved.

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    The reason why the exception is thrown with debug turned off is here. (Added this comment to help those reaching here by searching.) – ADmad Jul 29 '14 at 19:25

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