I need to insert a model into a Collection at position Collection.length-2. The last model in the collection should always stay the last model in the collection.

What I tried so far:

I added one "page" model to the Collection "Pages" and then tried to swap them around by changing their sequence:

var insertedpage = Pages.at(Pages.length-1);
var lastpage = Pages.at(Pages.length-2);
insertedpage.set({sequence: Pages.length-1});
lastpage.set({sequence: Pages.length});

I also tried to remove the last page, then add a new page and then add the last page back in.

var lastpage =  Pages.pop();
Pages.add({example1: example2});

neither of these worked. The newly added page still appears as last model in the Collection. Do I need to call some kind of order function after this?


Sorry for the brief answer (don't have time to respond), but look at defining a comparator function.


  • thanks that fixed it! I'll describe in the question description how I did it. – Dine Apr 18 '12 at 9:11
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    @NICCAI - Link is dead. – Rohit Vats Nov 23 '16 at 8:13

Backbone.Collection.add() takes an options object that supports an at key for specifying the index.

Pass {at: index} to splice the model into the collection at the specified index.


Pages.add({ foo: bar }, { at: Pages.length - 2 })
  • Thanks for your answer. The thing is that my Pages seems to be sorted by the attribute "sequence". Passing the option "at" when adding a new model doesn't seem to change the sequence values. Is there any way I can make them change when adding a new model and then reorder my Collection depending on the sequence? – Dine Apr 17 '12 at 16:46
  • thanks , that's very useful, didn't know about the at option before. What fixed it for me was the comparator function, though, so I'll accept that answer. – Dine Apr 18 '12 at 9:10

Along the same suggestion as Rob Hruska, use Backbone.Collection.add() with at in the options object.

Pages = new Backbone.Collection([
  {id:1, foo:'bar'},
  {id:2, foo:'barista'}  /* Last model should remain last */

/* Insert new "page" not at the end (default) but length minus 1 */
Pages.add({id:3, foo:'bartender'}, { at: Pages.length - 1 });

Pages.at(0).id === 1; // true
Pages.at(Pages.length - 2).id === 3; // true
Pages.at(Pages.length - 1).id === 2; // true

You mentioned that Pages seems to be sorted by the attribute sequence; do you happen to have a comparator function defined on the Pages collection?

Another question, did you want to update this attribute sequence on ALL existing page models currently in the collection when a new page is added to the 2nd to the last position? Or was that attribute an attempt to accomplish your original question?

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