Does anyone know if nginx supports soft quits? Meaning does it stay running until all connections are either gone or timed out (past a specific time interval) and also not allow new connections during this time period?

For example:

nginx stop
nginx running (2 connections active and blocking any new connections)
nginx running (1 connection active)
nginx stopped (0 connections active)

man nginx

 -s signal      Send signal to the master process. The argument signal can be
                one of: stop, quit, reopen, reload.

                The following table shows the corresponding system signals.

                stop    SIGTERM
                quit    SIGQUIT
                reopen  SIGUSR1
                reload  SIGHUP

Specifically, you want SIGQUIT. In layperson's terms:

  • stop — fast shutdown
  • quit — graceful shutdown
  • reload — reloading the configuration file
  • reopen — reopening the log files

See also: http://nginx.org/en/docs/control.html for details, and http://nginx.org/en/docs/beginners_guide.html#control for a quick reference.

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