I've just downloaded Eclipse IDE for Java Development for linux and I am trying to configure it a comfortable way for myself. I followed this tutorial :


I started from point "Then Eclipse". However it doesn't work they way I want it to work, I mean I can launch Eclipse from desktop icon now, but when I minimize it I can't get back to it again ( can't reach it with "Alt+Tabing " throught opened applications ), when I click on Eclipse icon after I had minimized it, a new instance of Eclipse is launched and there is a workspace collision . I also have problem with adding it to the desktop bar, where I am used to have all important and often used applications' shortcuts ( I also want be albe to minimize it and then get back to it again by clicking on its icon on that bar ). Here is small screen how it looks like when I try to simply drag & drop the icon from desktop to the bar - the place is filled, but it is not visible. I tried making a link to this icon and drag & drop it on the bar, then the icon is correct, but still it runs new instance of Eclipse :/ . What to do with it in this case?

enter image description here

  • From your screenshot, it looks like you're using the new MacOS-like taskbar from Gnome3. Don't know if that helps – PPC Apr 17 '12 at 22:38
  • I didn't install any specific taskbar, I have UBuntu v 11.10 ,and this bar was included or I found it in options of this Ubuntu - don't remember now, however the problem is not only with taskbar, but even if I double launch Eclipse from desktop new instance is launched and there is a workspace collision this is even worse for me – koleS Apr 17 '12 at 22:55

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