How can I get the rows in a table where today's date is between (inclusive) two DATE columns of that row? For example, take these two columns of a table:

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How could I get the first and second rows on the 10th of April, or the 3rd row on the 25th (inclusive, like I said)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


You can add a condition as follows

DATE(NOW()) between date1 and date2

You will find a lot of people using between operator, but I prefer using a simple AND operator.

I do that because although the between operator IS inclusive, simple dates (2012-04-10) can be counted as being midnight, and will thus not be inclusive.

So this should work just fine and will always include the boundaries of the date range:

SELECT * FROM table WHERE from_date <= '2012-04-10' AND to_date >= '2012-04-10'

Just use the SQL now() function to compare the date columns like so:

SELECT * from table where now() >= from_date and now() <= to_date
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    Use CURDATE() instead, Note that if you use NOW() it includes time information and can lead to exclude some dates, ie next function returns false (0): select "2010-01-01 14:00:00" <= "2010-01-01"
    – CesarC
    Apr 18 '12 at 4:57

If you have date (not datetime) columns, use CURTIME() or DATE(NOW()), never NOW() as CesarC correct wrote and you can use BETWEEN.

SELECT * FROM table WHERE CURTIME() BETWEEN from_date AND to_date

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