The command line history of the interactive shell for MongoDB (2.0.4 on MacOSX Lion) doesn't work when I use commands on a collection called 'authentications', but it works fine for everything else, it seems.

$ mongo mydb
MongoDB shell version: 2.0.4
connecting to: mydb
> db.aimsx.find().count()

Now if I hit up arrow, I get this:

> db.aimsx.find().count()

Works fine. However, now I run a command on the collection 'authentications':

> db.authentications.find().count()

When I hit up arrow now, I get this:

> db.aimsx.find().count()

No command on 'authentications' can be found in the history or in the ~/.dbshell file. Anyone has an explanation for this?


It's a too-simple security mechanism. We don't save things that look like ".auth" to the history. There is a JIRA ticket asking to make this better.

  • Thanks. I suspected it, but it's nice with confirmation. Apr 20 '12 at 13:52

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