What is the difference between prependClientTransformer and appendClientTransformer in Symfony2 form? When should I use prependClientTransformer, appendClientTransformer. Any examples?


What I've understood about this :

The FormType you're applying the DataTransformer to has a parent Type defined in getParent() method.

prependClientTransformer will apply passed DataTransformer BEFORE those ones that are applied from parent Type.

appendClientTransformer will apply passed DataTransformer AFTER those ones that are applied from parent Type.


As you see in the source these methods are used to control the calling sequence of the clientTransformers which are used for transform the field data. It is useful when you create custom field type.

For example you want to create a tag field type which will take comma separated values which will internally transformed to array of tags. You set its parent as text field type. You also created a transformer for tag type which transforms array to string or vice-versa. Now your tag type will have two clientTranformer, ValueToStringTransFormer and your transformer at last position. So when you bind data to a form or submit the form symfony will transform the client data to string and convert the transformed string then to array (as described here). And for reverse case it will transform the array to string and then string to client value (as defined here). Haven't found a use case for prependClientTransformer though :).

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