I'm trying to inject a field from a behavior directly after description, before the content types own fields (non-behavior-based fields).

form.order_after(myfield = 'IBasic.description')

does not work - the field still shows up after the non-behavior fields.

form.order_before(myfield = '*') 

works, but of course puts the field completely at the top.

form.order_before(myfield = '*')
form.order_after(myfield = 'IBasic.description')

the field is still at the top.

What did I miss?

form.order_before(myfield = 'first_field_from_ctype')

works, but in the nature of things the content types have different fields.



plone 4.2b2

  • Can you provide more complete sample of your code? I tried a behavior with "form.order_after(myfield = 'IBasic.description')" with the reported versions without any problems: The behavior field was set correctly between IBasic.description and the content type's own fields. – Asko Soukka Apr 22 '12 at 17:14

The description field is in the IDublinCore behavior, so the proper code is:

form.order_after(myfield = 'IDublinCore.description')

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