Say if I need to use an XPath expression as follows

v:MapLink[@Entity='TOM'S RESTAURANT']

But an exception is thrown because of the quote in TOM'S.

Is there a way around this?



presumably this is all inside a string itself, so would this work?

"v:MapLink[@Entity=\"TOM'S RESTAURANT\"]"
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Just use different quotes around the attribute:

v:MapLink[@Entity="TOM'S RESTAURANT"]

You can always use the "other" quote (quote vs. apostrophe) inside a string in an XPath expression, as shown in the other answers.

If you have a literal containing both, you can use the concat() function like this:

Tom's "Napoli" Pizza

as literal in an XPath expression would become

concat("Tom's ", '"Napoli" Pizza')

All of the above; plus, in XPath 2.0 you can use the SQL convention of doubling the delimiting quote. So you can write

"Tom's ""Nopoli"" Pizza"

In my case, for example a searching element XPath in 2 Forms :

(1) Parameters/Parameter[Key="{0}"]

(2) Parameters/Parameter[Key='{0}']

When {0} = CCC[AAA="BBB"]DDD

The first form will get error, and the second form which make the quotes ' , " different will work.

That is

// All using " Get Error

// Using ' Out,  and " In  Work

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