I use UIDatePicker component from iOS 5.1 library for selecting datetime value which is on button action read from self.datePicker.date, formatted and displayed within the label on the iPhone simulator. Everything works fine.

When I push hour and/or minute wheel more strongly, it takes several seconds before it stops and selects a new time. If the hour turning wheel cross the AM/PM boundary, the AM/PM wheel changes its state automatically. Still OK.

BUT when I change AM/PM wheel before the other two wheels stop, the change is not reflected by date picker and it will return the opposite AM/PM time to what is selected (provided the hour wheel did not accidentally initiated another AM/PM transition to equal it to the one just selected).

Can you please confirm I'm not mistaken and advice how to foolproof this component? Thanks.


I'm seeing the same behavior in the datetimepicker for a new appointment, so it seems to be a quirk of how the control is implemented. I'm not sure how big a problem it is, as spinning multiple wheels simultaneously is not exactly a common usage pattern for a datetimepicker.

  • strings42: Thanks for the answer. I've posted it as an iPhone feedback to Apple. – buildingKofi Apr 19 '12 at 12:52

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