We are looking for a way to publish articles in different languages, including differences in writing direction (RTL/LTR) and of course character sets. The maintainer of the current site works with Mambo/Joomla, but has already found severe restrictions in terms of extensibility.

A similar question has already been asked, but I will add feature and system requirements.

Feature-wise, we need the following functionality:

  • CMS standard features (two-stage publishing, permissions, different publishing mechanisms …)
  • In addition to standard categorization, articles should have a language meta attribute
  • It should be possible to provide a single article in one or more languages
    • Links between articles should indicate the language of the target article, if it does not match the language of the source article.
    • It should be possible to link directly to an article published in a certain language (e.g. mysite.com/article/23423/my-cool-title?lang=ar).
  • Authors should have some kind of indication of their language capabilities

At the level of system requirements, we have thought of the following alternatives:

  • Standard PHP/MySQL on Apache (LAMP)
  • Google App Engine (preferred django)

We are looking for a complete CMS, that can easily be extended and administrated, or a framework that covers most of the functionality. Please consider that we have already read through the answers on the previously mentioned question.

Thank you,



Drupal could very easily meet your needs on the LAMP stack. As of Drupal 6 almost everything you need is available. You can have:

  • Multi stage publishing and workflow with the contributed Workflow module
  • New content can be tagged in a specific language, or created as language neutral
  • I don't know if it would be possible to have the CMS automatically list the target language of a link, but it shouldn't be hard with a few lines of code to add a filter something like [link: article ID or name] to insert a link to the other article that would list the language of the link target
  • linking to a specific language/translation of an article is no problem, most folks set that up with path prefixing in Drupal, so an english article would be at example.com/en/article/path and say french at example.com/fr/article/path
  • Great answer, thank you! I had Drupal on my list, but did not want to invest too much time, but with this good answer I will have to take a look. – Kariem Jun 24 '09 at 22:08
  • I just had time to take a more detailed look and installed Drupal 6 on a test machine. Everything is available, so I marked your reply as accepted answer. Some things are not directly available, but after installing some plugins all requirements can be met. Perhaps you could elaborate a little bit more about the needed plugins and add some pointers for others to follow. Thank you! – Kariem Jul 10 '09 at 23:12

Have you looked at Django-CMS ?

I don't think it will have everything you mention out of the box, but most of it is there and the rest you can add yourself.


I used Sitellite CMS, it's a good software with I18n support.

  • I did not know Sitellite CMS yet, but I will have a look at it to see, whether I can really do what I need. Thank you. – Kariem Jun 24 '09 at 22:08

I'm not aware of anything that meets your requirements currently available on App Engine. You could customize something like Bloog, though.

  • Thank you for the first answer to this question. I think it would be too much work to customize a blog software to fit the requirements. – Kariem Jun 24 '09 at 22:10

Checkout django-blocks. Has multi-language Menu, Flatpages and even has a simple Shopping Cart!!

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