I am creating the class diagram for my project. I will use some WebViews in a class. My question is:

Should I write the WebView class in my UML class diagram or can I only use a WebView as a type?

For example, if a have a string: String a, in my class diagram, I will put a : String in the class attributes, but if I have WebView wv in my class, can I do the same as for the string and write in the class attributes: wv: WebView or I have to write the WebView class and then make an association with my class?


Short answer: you can do either.

Longer answer: UML doesn't constrain what you do here. There is no rule that says what types can be used as the value of attributes vs. what must be shown as associations.

Longest answer is actually a question: what do you want to communicate with the diagram? Class diagrams are good for showing structure - the links (associations) among classes. So: is the association between your class and your Webview instance interesting? For example, does the same instance of WebView also relate to some other object? Is there anything about that relationship that's interesting? Can the WebView instance outlive the instance of your class? And so on.


  • Thank you @sfinnie – Miloš Apr 23 '12 at 14:05
  • You're welcome @Ana. – sfinnie Apr 24 '12 at 13:11

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