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How do I insert a tab in a jsf page?

<h:outputText class="text" value="#{BackingBean.line1}" />

This doesn't work:

String line1 = "Scale \t: " + vss.getScale();

Any idea?

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Whitespace is in HTML by default not accounted as part of presentation. You'd need to use HTML elements like <br/> for a newline or <ul><li> for lists or <dl><dt><dd> for definitions. Most likely the <dl><dt><dd> is most suitable for you.

If you have a hard head in, you could always just set the CSS white-space property of the parent element to pre.


<h:outputText ... styleClass="preformatted" />

(please note that the class attribtue is invalid. It should be styleClass)


.preformatted {
    white-space: pre;

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