How I can cast Integer to a String for Criteria Query?


Predicate predicate = criteriaBuilder.like((Expression) root.get(filterKey),
                    "%" + filterValue + "%");

I wan to create filter for dataTable component.... and i.e. for ID value I want to get filter like this:

If I type "1" I will get all items with ID containing "1" (223122 ID will be still correct)

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I have not used this myself, but this other question:

Using JPA 2.0 Criteria API and cast causes generated JPQL to fail in Hibernate

Suggests using .as(String.class) after root.get(filterKey) to accomplish what you want.

If you're using Hibernate, be aware of reported bugs


Try it

Predicate predicate = criteriaBuilder.like(root.get(filterKey).as(String.class),
                    "%" + filterValue + "%");
  • Just to confirm this solution works perfectly, nice thx! +1 from me
    – Sahbaz
    Jul 5, 2019 at 11:11

This solved problem for me:

Expression<String> filterKeyExp = root.get(filterKey).as(String.class);
filterKeyExp = criteriaBuilder.lower(filterKeyExp);

Predicate predicate = criteriaBuilder.like(filterKeyExp ,"%" + filterValue.trim().toLowerCase() + "%");

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