I'm successfully testing an ASP.NET web site using the combination of NUnit and Selenium2. I've no issues there. I'm running my tests against a test website; test system and tested site are separate although they may be on the same machine - they communicate over HTTP.

One thing I want to do is to pull the sitemaps (there are several) from my test target site and automatically hit each page in sequence, just checking for exceptions etc.

Obviously .sitemap files can't be pulled over HTTP. But I already have a little ashx handler for GoogleSitemaps which returns an XML version of the ASP.NET .sitemap file over HTTP. If you're not logged in you get the "security trimmed" version of the sitemap. However if you log in, this handler returns the site map you can see according to your role.

The problem is: - I can log in and log out driven from Selenium2, and the security trimming works perfectly: Selenium2 can see what it should, cannot see what it should not. - However even when I am logged in, I'm seeing the version of the site map for non-logged in users: it's been trimmed! Yet I'm logged in and the test user has privileges to see precisely the things which have been trimmed away.

I'm thinking then... the way ASP.NET "knows" I'm "logged in" over HTTP must be those cookies which include (by the looks of it) some security token and session ID. That's how the web pages "know" who the test user is and that they're authenticated. The handler, the ashx, that beast is presumably not getting the cookie. I guess I could sniff it with Fiddler given enough time, but even if I prove that the cookie's missing, I don't know how to get it in there. Clearly my new FirefoxDriver(); is passing cookies to the aspx pages, so what's up with the ashx pages?

Anyway, maybe I'm up the wrong tree barking. Has anyone managed to get this type of thing working? Note please that my sitemaps work fine, even from Selenium2: this question is specifically about Selenium2 and sitemap trimming when using a handler.

  • Frankly, I know nothing about ashx handlers .. nor asp :). But - Selenium only controls the browser, there shouldn't be any difference between you logging in and Selenium logging in. What I can think of (from the Selenium point of view), try using your personal FirefoxProfile(File) (usually Selenium takes a fresh profile every time) and see what happens. – Petr Janeček Apr 23 '12 at 10:53
  • Um, yeah, that was Java. There's a FirefoxProfile class in Firefox namespace for C#, too. – Petr Janeček Apr 23 '12 at 10:56
  • Thanks, there is no difference other than for the handler file. I worked around it by using what is effectively the sitemap trimmed for the logged in user via an ASPX page. I already create a firefox profile for each test from scratch. It needs to be completely repeatable/ stand-alone so independent from any file-based profiles. That works fine, although you have to create the profile before you instantiate the driver, if anyone's curious, else it's ignored. I know the handler has less of the HTML trimmings: this one returns XML in fact. I'll leave this here in case anyone has any insight. – philw Apr 25 '12 at 16:30

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