How can I check that a variable has a specific value in Perl? Is there a command to stop a script's execution to look up some of it's variables?

I wonder if I can use the Pythonic practice of inserting:

    assert 0, (foo, bar)

to debug scripts in a debuger-less way?

A quick CPAN search suggests Carp::Assert.

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See Carp::Assert.

Smart::Comments are nice.

  • Smart::Comments++ When used with the -ENV switch, it's a fantastic tool for this sort of thing. Much better than having to strip all the tests out before going to production, as someone else suggested. – RET Jun 22 '09 at 3:28

There is a script at PerlMonks that introduces a fast assert method.

Speed is important since Perl is interpreted and any inline checks will impact performance (unlike simple C macros for example)

I am not sure if these things are going to be directly usable.

Ok! This is what i was looking for -- PDF Warning: Test-Tutorial.pdf. The Test::Harness is used for writing Perl module tests.

$var_to_check =~ /sometest/ or die "bad variable!";

I tend to throw things like this in my code, and later use a find and replace to get rid of them (in production code).

Also, 'eval' can be used to run a section of code and capture errors and can be used to create exception handling functionality. If you are asserting that a value is not 0, perhaps you want to throw an exception and handle that case in a special way?

if ( $next_sunrise_time > 24*60*60 ) { warn( "assertion failed" ); } # Assert that the sun must rise in the next 24 hours.

You can do this if you do not have access to Perl 5.9 which is required for Carp::Assert.

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