We are querying database to retrieve data in following fashion

select a,b,...f from table1 where id in (6,33,1,78,2)

The result I got from query is in following order 1,2,6,33,78.

I want the result in same order (6,33,1,78,2). Is there any way to retrieve the data in same order.

EDIT *I am using SQL 2008*

  • What DB engine are yuo using? – juergen d Apr 20 '12 at 11:38
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    Removed the (irrelevant) C# tag. @Ram: I suppose you don't want solution in C# for this. – ypercubeᵀᴹ Apr 20 '12 at 12:22

add this order by clause

order by case 
         when id = 6 then 1 
         when id = 33 then 2  
         when id = 1 then 3  
         when id = 78 then 4  
         when id = 2 then 5  

If using MySQL you can do this

ORDER BY FIND_IN_SET(id, '6,33,1,78,2')
  • Thanks for that. Corrected it. – juergen d Apr 20 '12 at 11:39

Using a Table Value Constructor:

SELECT a, b, ... f 
        ( VALUES 
            (1,  6), 
            (2, 33), 
            (3,  1), 
            (4, 78), 
            (5,  2) 
        ) AS ordering (position, id)
      ON  ordering.id = table1.id
ORDER BY position 

I don't know the background, but usually I achieve this custom order in an additional orderIndex column. This way I can manually manage the order when inserting to the table and add this column to the ORDER BY clause of the default queries

  • Note: this can be indexed so the performance won't be a problem like in case in a hard-to-manage CASE-ing solution. – Robesz Apr 20 '12 at 11:41

If you use SQL Server you could use charindex.

select A, B
from Table1
where ID in (6,33,1,78,2)
order by charindex(','+cast(ID as varchar(10))+',', ',6,33,1,78,2,')

ugly solution:

select a,b,...f from table1 where id in 6
select a,b,...f from table1 where id in 33
and so on..

"better" solution: add another column on your query and do case 6 then 0, case 33 then 1 and so on

select a,b,...f , case id when 6 then 0 when 33 then 1 <and so on> end
from table1 where ...

and then order by this new column

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