Is there a function to do urlencoding in Dart? I am doing a AJAX call using XMLHttpRequest object and I need the url to be url encoded.

I did a search on dartlang.org, but it didn't turn up any results.


Update: There is now support for encode/decode URI in the Dart Uri class

Dart's URI code is placed in a separate library called dart:uri (so it can be shared between both dart:html and dart:io). It looks like it currently does not include a urlencode function so your best alternative, for now, is probably to use this Dart implementation of JavaScript's encodeUriComponent.

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var uri = 'http://example.org/api?foo=some message';
var encoded = Uri.encodeFull(uri);
assert(encoded == 'http://example.org/api?foo=some%20message');

var decoded = Uri.decodeFull(encoded);
assert(uri == decoded);


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I wrote this small function to convert a Map into a URL encoded string, which may be what you're looking for.

String encodeMap(Map data) {
  return data.keys.map((key) => "${Uri.encodeComponent(key)}=${Uri.encodeComponent(data[key])}").join("&");
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Uri.encodeComponent(url); // To encode url
Uri.decodeComponent(encodedUrl); // To decode url
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I dont' think there is yet. Check out http://unpythonic.blogspot.com/2011/11/oauth20-and-jsonp-with-dartin-web.html and the encodeComponent method.

Note, it's lacking some characters too, it needs to be expanded. Dart really should have this built in and easy to get to. It may have it in fact, but I didn't find it.

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