I was using Hibernate 3.6 where I have a code like this:

list =getSession().createSQLQuery(queryString)
        .setString("id", Id).list();

now I change the jar from 3.6 to 4.1Final

it seems like the addScalar method is askying for Type in stead of Hibernate.STRING I couldn't find any example hot to resolve this. if there is anyone that who know please help me thank you.


Type fields in org.hibernate.Hibernate are deprecated (and actually removed) as result of HHH-5196

Now different Hibernate types can be found from javadocs for Type. In your case following should work:

    .addScalar("UNAME", StringType.INSTANCE)
    .addScalar("COM", StringType.INSTANCE)
    .addScalar("COM_DATE", DateType.INSTANCE) 
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    Instead of Hibernate.STRING one can use StandardBasicTypes.STRING also, the value is the same (StringType.INSTANCE), maybe this one is easier for merge ;-) – Betlista May 24 '13 at 11:13

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