I'm a grails newby. I am using grails 2.0.3 from the command line (no IDE) on windows 7.

I am just running the 'hello world' example from the grails documentation.

I have a custom jar that is not in maven that I would like to use in my project. I added it to the lib folder and did a refresh-dependencies. I modified the controller to import a class from the jar. When I did 'run-app', the compiler complained that it could not find the class.

I saw several example online where people had to add a line to their BuildConfig.groovy like this: runtime 'httpclient:httpclient:3.0.1' . But since I'm not using maven or ivy, how do I get that jar on my classpath?

The example I am referring to above is http://grails.1312388.n4.nabble.com/External-Jar-in-Grails-td4388010.html


Grails 2.0-2.2

Ok, I finally figured out what I need to do. Suppose my jar is named 'mylib.jar'. I need to rename it to mylib-1.0.jar and move it to the lib directory. Then I need to add the following to BuildConfig.groovy:

dependencies {
        // specify dependencies here under either 'build', 'compile', 'runtime', 'test' or 'provided' scopes eg.

        // runtime 'mysql:mysql-connector-java:5.1.16'
    runtime 'mylib:mylib:1.0'

I guess that was obvious to everyone but me. Hope this helps someone else.

Grails 2.3-...

Just put a jar into the lib/. Do not modify BuildConfig.groovy (c) kaskelotti

  • Having the same issue here, even with your help I can't seem to get this to work ez-vcar. Added the ez-vard JAR to lib folder, tried dependency refresh, added to the BuildConfig compile "ez-vcard:0.7.3"... still doesn't work, left with the following Error WARNING: Specified dependency definition runtime(ez-vcard:0.7.3) is invalid! Skipping.. Anything you can think of Kyle would be greatly appreciated, very silly issue, driving me bonkers – RST Apr 7 '13 at 21:20
  • Just a wild guess but maybe the dash on the name is causing an issue. Would try renaming the jar without the dash. – Kyle Apr 8 '13 at 1:22
  • Thanks anyway, didn't work... think there's a deeper problem, going to do a post now – RST Apr 8 '13 at 11:18
  • 2
    For me, the setup worked on Grails 2.3.6 by NOT adding the dependency to BuildConfig. Simply dropped the jar to lib/ dir. – kaskelotti Nov 5 '14 at 4:28
  • As my experiments showed (on Grails 2.3.11) it's necessary to define dependency at BuildConfig.groovy. Otherwise dependency would be included to compiler classpath only. It won't added to runtime classpath (run-app), to WAR and deps report. To be resolved artifact should be named as 'lib/[artifactId]-[version].jar'. – viator Nov 10 '16 at 16:00

if your jar is in lib folder and also entry in buildconfig.groovy and if you can't find jar in your build path then try to use below command.

grails compile --refresh-dependencies

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