A string length which contains one space is always equal to 1:

alert('My str length: ' + str.length);

The space is a character, so:

str = "   ";
alert('My str length:' + str.length); // My str length: 3

How can I make a distinction between an empty string and a string which contains only spaces? How can I detect a string which contain only spaces?


To achieve this you can use a Regular Expression to remove all the whitespace in the string. If the length of the resulting string is 0, then you can be sure the original only contained whitespace. Try this:

var str = "    ";
if (!str.replace(/\s/g, '').length) {
  console.log('string only contains whitespace (ie. spaces, tabs or line breaks)');

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The fastest solution would be using the regex prototype function test() and looking for any character that is not a space or line break \S :

if (/\S/.test(str))
    // found something other than a space or line break

In case you have a super long string, it can make a significant difference.


You can Trim your String value by creating a trim function for your Strings.

String.prototype.trim = function () {
    return this.replace(/^\s*/, "").replace(/\s*$/, "");

now it will be available for your every String and you can use it as

str.trim().length// Result will be 0

You can also use this method to remove the white spaces at the start and end of the String i.e

"  hello  ".trim(); // Result will be "hello"
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    Extending built-in objects' prototypes is a bad idea. – sbichenko Jun 21 '15 at 15:41
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Removing the whitespace from a String can be done using String.trim().

//!str will return true if the string is null, undefined, or ''
//!str.trim() will return true if the string is '' after removing trailing whitespaces (which means it is an empty string)
function isNullOrEmpty(str){
    return !str||!str.trim();

This method can be used to check if a String contains only spaces and it can be invoked every time like this:

var str = document.getElementById("txt").value;
     console.log("String is empty or contains only spaces.");


function isNullOrEmpty(str){
    return !str||!str.trim();
const resultElem = document.getElementById("result");
const inputElem = document.querySelector('input');
function testEmpty(){
  result.textContent = "Input is an empty String or a String containing only spaces.";
  } else {
    result.textContent = "Input is not an empty String or a String containing only spaces.";
<input type="text">
<button onClick="testEmpty()">Check</button>
<span id="result"></span>


Similar to Rory's answer, with ECMA 5 you can now just call str.trim().length instead of using a regular expression. If the resulting value is 0 you know you have a string that contains only spaces.

if (!str.trim().length) {
    console.log("str is empty!");

You can read more about trim here.


Trim your String value by creating a trim function

var text = "  ";
if($.trim(text.length == 0){
  console.log("Text is empty");
  console.log("Text is not empty");

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