I have created a handler.py and want to write a method : getBooksForUser(). This method will return me all the books issued by a user. The documentation says :

In addition to these, you may define any other methods you want. You can use these by including their names in the fields directive, and by doing so, the function will be called with a single argument: The instance of the model. It can then return anything, and the return value will be used as the value for that key.

in the fields, I have written the attributes of books that I want to return. Am i supposed to include the method name (getBooksForUser) here only?

please give me an example of code if possible.


I know this doesn't answer the question about custom methods, but maybe helps solving your problem.


(r'^books\.json$', Resource(BookHandler)),
(r'^books/(?P<user_id>[0-9]+)\.json$', Resource(BookHandler)),


   from piston.handler import BaseHandler
   from myapp.models import Book

   class BookHandler(BaseHandler):
      allowed_methods = ('GET',)
      model = Book   

      def read(self, request, user_id=None):
          base = Book.objects
          if user_id:
              return base.filter(user_id=user_id)
          return base.all()

I got the example from the documentation here:

  • I like this. This approach is much better as it is explicit and clear than the django-piston's recommendation of adding custom methods through fields ?? Feels very kludgy. – Gnu Engineer Nov 7 '12 at 22:00

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