Hi every am new to this android development.

Currently am developing drawing application with adding stamps/labels to drawn image.so i have done drawing part so now i have to implement adding stamps/labels to that drawn image.

So please help me out this..

Bitmap Rbitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(bitmap).copy(Config.ARGB_4444, true);
Canvas canvas = new Canvas(Rbitmap);            
canvas.drawBitmap(label, -9, Rbitmap.getHeight()-label.getHeight()-10, null);
return Rbitmap;

Making your question little more specific will help you more.If I understood is correct this piece of code will help you out to draw a bitmap to a drawn canvas.


You could be a little more specific, i.e posting some code to show what you have to get more specific answers. Anyway, you can draw a bitmap on top of another bitmap by using something like this:

//You will have a Bitmap bottomBmp, a Bitmap topBmp and a Canvas canvas.
//If you are inside an onDraw() method the canvas will be provided to you, otherwise you will have to create it yourself, use a mutable bitmap of the same size as the bottomBmp.

canvas.drawBitmap(bottomBmp, 0, 0, null); //Draw the bottom bitmap in the upper left corner of the canvas without any special paint effects.
canvas.drawBitmap(topBmp, 0, 0, null); //Draw the top bitmap over the bottom bitmap, change the zeroes to offset this bitmap.

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