I am getting this JSON from mongoDB

  "_id" : ObjectId("4f95bbe3742b1eaa929b81ef"), 
  "empNo" : NumberLong(10), 
  "empName" : "abc", 
  "joinDate" : ISODate("2012-04-23T20:30:27.421Z"), 
  "address" : {
    "addNo" : NumberLong(1), 
    "addLocation" : "add0", 
    "street" : { 
      "sNo" : NumberLong(10), 
      "sName" : "Street 1" 

I want to convert ISODate("2012-04-23T20:30:27.421Z") to Java Date.

I am getting an error while converting the JSON to Object using Google's Gson Library when Date Atribute is there.

What is the correct way to do this?

  • Try to convert string with gson after that use jodatime to be able to convert Java util Date format. – erhanasikoglu Jan 5 '15 at 19:12

Mongo date is a ISO formatted. You can use ISODateTimeFormat of Joda-time library to convert ISO date string to java data object.

Check out converting-iso8601-compliant-string-to-java-util-date for more info

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