Asking about Object.defineProperty as demonstrated below:

function testComponent(){
    var testProperty;
    Object.defineProperty(this, "testProperty",
        get : function()
           return testProperty;
        set : function(val)
          testProperty = val;

Where it would be used like so:

testObject = new testComponent();
testObject.testProperty = "testValue";

Based on what I've seen so far, it looks like there is no cross browser solution, as I've tried using es5-shim with no luck, but I would like to confirm. I also found a reference to this post and my tests still fail in IE 7 & 8, can anyone shed any light on this?

I remember looking through a related question a few months ago somewhere on S/O and I think I saw someone had written a solution for this in an answer. Any general workarounds for getter / setters would also be appreciated. The idea is that I need some equivalent of a getter setter on an object without passing the parameter change through a method. I don't need IE6, but I would like to support browsers in the range of IE7+ ff 3.6+ , etc

QUnit tests below: (jsFiddles)

(these pass in all browsers on my machine except IE 7 & 8

direct use of defineProperty, no shims:

fiddle using the ES5 shim, I'm assuming all I need to do is include it? :

fiddle using the IE recommended solution :

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    right now my Qunit tests are in my environment. I've imported the shims and IE7 / 8 is still failing while the rest of my browsers are passing. I'm just getting an error on using "Object.defineProperty". I'll see if I can create an isolation test. (I should have done that in advance)
    – Shane
    Apr 23, 2012 at 14:06
  • Edited my question with the specifics
    – Shane
    Apr 23, 2012 at 16:10
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    if only jsfiddle worked in IE8 :-(
    – Dai Bok
    May 9, 2014 at 8:25

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According to ES5-shim:

/!\ Object.defineProperty

This method will silently fail to set "writable", "enumerable", and "configurable" properties.

Providing a getter or setter with "get" or "set" on a descriptor will silently fail on engines that lack "defineGetter" and "defineSetter", which include all versions of IE up to version 8 so far.

IE 8 provides a version of this method but it only works on DOM objects. Thus, the shim will not get installed and attempts to set "value" properties will fail silently on non-DOM objects.


So you know your answer. It can be done on DOM elements, that's it (and on IE8 only).

I'd suggest you just use get/set methods if you want IE7 to work.


For older IEs you'd have to make sure your property is a dom object (even a fake tag) and use onPropertyChange to get notified. See this post by John Dyer for more details.


I've had this same question myself. (See here.) It doesn't look like it's fully possible in IE8 or lower. Otherwise the ES5 Shim is your best bet.

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