I am working on an asp.net mvc 3 web application using database-first approach.

I have a table called Results that contains two columns (min & max) of type float, but when I use the Entity Framework to map the existing database into model classes, then EF creates a class Results with the data type of the min & max fields as double instead of float as specified in the exsiting database.

So why is this behaviour happening? Will it cause any problems?


This is normal behaviour, as per MSDN.

Even SQL-server's real datatype is mapped to double, even though float would definitely be enough there.

But the type names are very confusing here. In fact float (t-SQL) is the same as double (.Net): a precision of 15 digits and a range of negative 1.79769313486232e308 to positive 1.79769313486232e308.


I'm not sure if your problem is identical to this or not:


But it doesn't seem like this should cause any problems. You could lose precision with your numbers going from a double to a float, but it should still work unless you need the extra digits.


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