I've got a table that resembles the following:

a       0.3      common
the     0.3      common
gray    1.2      colors
steeple 2        object

I need to pull the weights for several different words out of the database at once. I could do:

SELECT * FROM word_weight WHERE WORD = 'a' OR WORD = 'steeple' OR WORD='the';

but it feels ugly and the code to generate the query is obnoxious. I'm hoping that there's a way I can do something like (pseudocode):

SELECT * FROM word_weight WHERE WORD = 'a','the';

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You are describing the functionality of the in clause.

select * from word_weight where word in ('a', 'steeple', 'the');

  • Thanks a mint, Mark. Were that I could have figured out how to phrase the question for Google! Apr 24, 2012 at 17:07

If you want to pass the whole list in a single parameter, use array datatype:

FROM    word_weight
WHERE   word = ANY('{a,steeple,the}'); -- or ANY('{a,steeple,the}'::TEXT[]) to make explicit array conversion
  • The regexp_split_to_array() function might be of use here, depending on the source of your lookup words. Or maybe a JOIN to the results of regexp_split_to_table(). postgresql.org/docs/9.1/interactive/…
    – kgrittn
    Apr 24, 2012 at 17:32

If you are not sure about the value and even not sure whether the field will be an empty string or even null then,

.where("column_1 ILIKE ANY(ARRAY['','%abc%','%xyz%']) OR column_1 IS NULL")

Above query will cover all possibility.

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