Is the following possible?

  (* danger zone *)
with Not_found e -> 
  (* code to handle not found *)
with t -> 
  (* code to handle all other issues *)

If I type that into the toplevel, I get a syntax error on the second with. Perhaps there's some syntax I'm not aware of?

Is the preferred method to prepend another try to match each with?

  • And what makes you think that the syntax you write should work? Have you seen it in someone's else code? Or there was such an example in manual or tutorial? Guessing is not a nice way to learn something. – ygrek Apr 25 '12 at 7:50

The with part is a series of patterns, so you can write this as follows:

    (* dangerous code area *)
    | Not_found -> (* Not found handling code *)
    | t -> (* Handle other issues here *)

with is a match expression; you do not repeat it for multiple patterns, instead you use | to separate each pattern -> expression, as with a match.

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