Right now I have a VPS with DirectAdmin installed on it, on default DirectAdmin is reachted by going to (example ip).

I am trying to set up a dns server that will forward da.mysite.com to Sitting this up at the hosting company didn't give any errors, but when I try add this line to my DirectAdmin DNS settings it gives the following error:

Cannot Add Record - The value must be an IP address

Doing this would give my customers a better quality of usage and they feel like I provide all the services.

Any ideas?


A DNS server just resolves your hostname (da.mysite.com) to an IP ( It knows nothing about your port number.

To achieve what you describe, you have to set up some sort of a proxy... Read up on mod_proxy in Apache if you are using it and use a RewriteRule to achieve a redirection from hostname.com:5222 to da.hostname.com, for instance.

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